About Telemed Pulse

Telemed Pulse is a SaaS product for the healthcare providers, which aims to streamline the process of providing high-quality remote care. It is designed to act as a bridge between the patients and the healthcare providers such that the delays in treatments and the cost of primary care are reduced to a great extent. It basically allows the patients to connect and consult with the specialists at the right time, from anywhere, virtually.

The solution promises a highly-personalized, user-friendly, and cost-effective option tailored based on the client’s business requirement. With its native iOS and Android applications, it helps the healthcare industry to automate the telemedicine solution.

About us

Our Mission

We strive to materialize as a leading name in the industry of telemedicine, known to improve and simplify the entire process of connecting patients to their specialists, remotely. We deliver a customer-focused solution implementing the latest technologies in the market, to provide a top-notch experience.

Our Vision

  • We believe in delivering a fully automated and branded SaaS product, which is known for its flexibility and convenience.
  • Our highly experienced team of experts strives to provide you with the latest technologies in the market to be implemented in our solution.
  • Driven by commitment and perfection, we serve the best output during the product development lifecycle, right from planning to getting ROI.
  • Our core values are based on technology with a blend of creativity. We work diligently to provide a user-friendly and revenue-driven solution to our clients.

What Makes Us Stand Apart?


We believe in providing technology solutions at affordable rates.

Revenue Oriented

Telemed Pulse is a well-crafted SaaS offering designed for optimum ROI.

HIPAA Compliant

We comply with the guideline from HIPAA to secure our healthcare data and flawless communication among the departments.

Strategy and Efficiency

We implement our industry experience to strategize business models to yield competitive outcomes.

Fully Branded Solution

We provide the exclusively branded telemedicine solution for your customers.

Subscription-based Model

We have different subscription-based models to suit our client’s requirements.

Get A Comprehensive Yet Simplified Telemedicine Solution